Khushi Shaikh Age, Height, Family, and Biography

Khushi Shaikh, is a transgender model, and social media personality who belongs to Hindustan. Shaikh is a Muslim and quite well-liked on social media. Khushi has excelled at modeling in addition to her work in social media. In this post, we will discuss about Khushi Shaikh Age, Height, Family, and complete Biography.

She is the country’s first transgender model in over ten years. The secret to Khushi’s millions of fans is her acting prowess and stunning appearance, but her dedication has also been a factor in her success. because everyone in society, basically. Khushi has moreover endured numerous teasing and rejection from the populace.

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Full Name –Khushi Shaikh
Nick Name –Khushi Shaikh
Profession –TikToker Star, Dancer, Actor, Model, Social Media Influencer
Height –5.6 Feet
Weight –55 Kg
Hair Color –Brown
Eye Color –Brown
Date of Birth –11 November 1994
Khushi Shaikh Age26 Years In 2020
Birth Place –Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Home Town –Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Religion –Islam
Nationality –Indian
School –Not Known
College –Not Known
Educational Qualification –Graduate
Marital Status –Not Married
Boyfriend/Husband –No info
Hobbies –Acting, Choreography, Travelling

Khushi Shaikh Age

Her parents gave her birth on November 11th, 1994, in Thane, Mumbai and now Khushi Shaikh age is 29 years. Shaikh is currently the first model in India to have remained at the top for the past ten years while being transgender. She is concurrently widely followed on social media and in the modeling world. Additionally, Khushi now serves as a role model for the entire eunuch society. In this article, we will discuss about Khushi Shaikh Age, Height, Family, and complete Biography.

Khushi Shaikh Zodiac Sign

This person is under the astrological sign Scorpio.

Khushi Shaikh Height

Shaikh is 5.6 feet tall and weighs 55 kg.

Khushi Shaikh Early Life

Any parent can experience sadness upon the birth of a eunuch kid, but Khushi’s parents instead experienced joy. Because his first child brought him any actual happiness. However, his family members kept the boy’s birth a secret from the public and just announced his arrival. They were frightened that their children would run away from them if some eunuch told society. This post is bout Khushi Shaikh Age, Height, Family, and Bio.


His mother was not at all prepared for this. As Khushi grew older and qualified to enroll in school, her parents arranged for her to enroll in an English-medium school in Mumbai. As a boy, Khushi was admitted. Editions United Europeans The way that everyone used to treat them like guys struck Khushi as quite weird. Khushi wanted him to act and behave like a female and live like one. He informed Khushi’s mother that it doesn’t matter that you are very special because that’s why it feels like this when she expressed her sentiments to her. But as Khushi gained some insight, she realized that she was this eunuch. The entire school learned about this by the time they were in the fifth grade.

Khushi experienced such prejudice at the school as if she were not from this world and had arrived from another once the rest of the school found out about her transgender identity. People would say funny and pleasant things. Additionally, he began to feel awful about himself. After studying until the tenth grade, Khushi decided to pursue further studies. This page is about Khushi Shaikh Age, Height, Family, and complete Wiki. You can also get information about Sulaiman Isa Khan who is the son of the famous Pakistani former cricketer and Ex-PM Imran Khan.

Responsibility of Family

Even though she desired to continue her education, she was unable to do so since her family’s employment was terminated once word of Khushi’s status as a eunuch circulated throughout society. He also gleefully retreated from Khushi’s pal. Not just Khushi but her entire family was dealing with a lot of issues as a result of Khushi. However, Khushi’s mother adored her and did not want to part with her at any cost. His parents and a younger sister made up his family of 4 at the time. His younger sister is 10 years his junior, and his father has since passed away. Khushi chose to assume control of the household because poverty at the time was becoming so pervasive, which is why she began begging.

Khushi was somewhere between 16 and 17 years old at the time. When Khushi was begging one day, a eunuch’s gaze also fell on her. She spoke to Khushi on the phone while he was with her. Why are you begging, he said of Khushi. Khushi then explained her condition to everyone. Khushi encountered a eunuch who was not your typical eunuch. Salma Khan, a judge for Lok Adalat, goes by that moniker, and Khushi regards him as her teacher. Additionally, Salma is the director of trust for social organizations.

This trust benefits not only transgender people but also everyone else. Salma called Khushi and her entire family to Mumbra after Khushi told her about her predicament. There there are numerous transgender people living and everyone respects each other. Khushi and her family began receiving numerous amenities, making life much simpler than it had been.

Khushi Shaikh Career

After receiving a lot of inspiration from his guru, he made the decision that, just as our guru had found success on his own, he would likewise make a significant contribution to society. Khushi thereafter started modeling. Even though there were many challenges at first, Khushi persisted. She eventually rose to become the top transgender model in India as a result. For almost 12 years, Khushi has been ranked as the top transgender model in India. TikTok was where he began his social media journey.

On TikTok, people liked him a lot. Khushi had 2.5 million followers on TikTok when it was removed. Khushi was questioned, “How do you feel when TikTok is banned?” after it was taken down. He then declared that the country was the most important thing to him. consequent to TikTok’s ban. Khushi began posting videos on the Moj and Instagram apps. Khushi received a lot of affection and support from the locals also in this area.

With a boy named Sohail, Khushi creates videos. Sohail is regarded as Khushi’s best friend. She claims that Sohail is a very close friend of mine and that he helped me out a lot. This is how our friendship will always remain.

The Supreme Court has changed the legislation to allow eunuchs to wed anybody they like and live with them forever. Khushi responded that no one in her life has ever expressed interest in marriage when asked about it. The government places a lot of emphasis on granting transgender people equality. But this responsibility falls not just on the government but also on society. Khushi tells the populace that we don’t want your wealth; we want your respect and love.


 Khushi has accomplished a great deal in her life and hopes to work in Bollywood in the future. She asserts that we ought to give Bollywood and serials a chance as well. A male performer also plays the part of a eunuch in Bollywood. At the very least, transgender people with talent should be given these opportunities. Additionally, Khushi played a supporting role in a Marathi film. Aishwarya Rai is Khushi’s favorite actor/actress. Khushi has more than 1 million Instagram followers, more than 5 million Moj app users, and more than 2 million YouTube subscribers. Being transsexual, you people offered me so much love that I can never forget.

Khushi Shaikh TikTok

On TikTok, KHushi Shaikh was a huge celebrity. In those days, she had over 10 million Likes and over 1 million followers on TikTok.

However, TikTok was outlawed in India.

So, after tiktok was prohibited in India, she concentrated solely on Instagram to increase her fan following. To do this, she made everyday videos of herself, including short lip-syncs and modeling clips.

Numerous of her TikTok videos went popular and were shared on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media sites. Also, learn about well-known PTI worker Murad Saeed.

Khushi Shaikh Dance

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